If I am a new customer, how do I purchase a course?

If I am a new customer, how do I purchase a course?

STEP 1: The easiest way to purchase an OSHA or DOT online training course is directly through our website at www.advanceonlineoutreach.com.

STEP 2:  Use the menu in the top navigation to find the training program you're looking for.

Or select "All Courses" at the bottom to search for a specific course.

STEP 3: Click on the course you would like to take.

STEP 4: Click "Buy Now" to add the course to your cart. 

STEP 5:  Your cart will automatically open to start the checkout process. 

As a new customer, we create an account for you as part of the checkout process at the time of purchase. All learners and administrators receive two emails from us. The first email is a receipt with your order and payment information. The second email is sent from customerservice@advanceonline.com and includes your User ID,Password, and course information.  

IMPORTANT: It is important that your name is spelled correctly on your account. Your name is used on your certificates and OSHA DOL Card. 
NOTE: If you do not receive these emails, first check your spam or junk folder. If you still have not received our email, please call our Customer Care Team at 713-952-1100. Our U.S.-based telephone support center is available 24/7.